Cahaba Shrine

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17th Annual Sportsman’s Giveaway October 12th 2019

Event will be held at Center on 1226 Blake Bottom Road

Doors open at 11:00 AM, Lunch served 11:30 — 1:30

Each fall Cahaba sponsors a special fund raising event that has proven very popular within the community. We contract with a local gun dealer for a collection of long guns (rifles and shotguns), handguns  and various sports related items. Raffle tickets are sold both in advance and on the event day.


There are three different types of tickets available, general, sellers and sponsorships. The general and sponsorship tickets are purchased while the sellers tickets are rewarded to the individual selling ticket packages.

These three types of tickets are separated and become part of three selective drawings. Multiple winners are selected from each category; 100 tickets are pulled in the general category, 20 in the sellers category, and a select quantity in the sponsors category based on the number of sponsorship packages sold.


In addition to these drawings special drawings are offered for unique items and floor guns. Some Units/Clubs associated with Cahaba also have side raffle items available for your pleasure.

Food and beverages are available before and during the event.


General Admission / Raffle Tickets: provides an opportunity to participate in the event, to partake of a fine lunch, and to be actively involved in a drawing for 100 guns and other sporting items. Ticket  price is $20.

When you buy a book (3) of general admission tickets you are also supplied a single sellers ticket. This special ticket is entered into the drawing of 20 specialty guns. Book price is $60’


Sponsors Packages: provides advertisers with complimentary advertising at the event, 9 general admission, 3 sellers, and 2 sponsor drawing tickets.  Two additional special drawing tickets will be added to the sponsors package if  purchased by end of business July 15th.  If purchase is made between July 16th and August 31st one additional special drawing tickets will be added. A single sponsors package is $300, those who desire to purchase 4 sponsorships are rewarded a discounted price of $1000.


Individual tickets, ticket books, and sponsorship packages are available from any Noble of Cahaba Shrine, through the Cahaba office located at 1226 Blake Bottom Road, Huntsville AL or purchased through the internet using a credit card.