Cahaba Shrine

2019 Potentate

Illustrious Sir Danny Kelso

Hospital Representative, Greenville

Brandon Brown

(815) 505-6627





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Office Phone Numbers and Email



256-851-7408 (fax)



Mailing Address

P.O. Drawer 3388

Huntsville, AL 35810


Physical Address

1226 Blake Bottom Rd

Huntsville, AL


Business Hours:  Monday  -  Friday

9:00 am  -  4:00 pm


Office closed Holidays and Weekends


Appointed Divan

Scott Lagrone,  1st Ceremonial Master

Drew McKay,  2nd Ceremonial Master

Dr. Charles Brown,  Director

Kerry Stanley,  Marshal

Gerald Colanter, Captain of the Guard

Brian Seeley, Outer Guard

Troy Newby, Chaplain

PP Terry Yancy, Chief Aide

Elected Divan

Danny Kelso, Potentate

Dennis Thomas, Chief Rabban

Neal McAnalley, Assistant Rabban

Lloyd McCarley Jr., High Priest and Prophet

Brian Anderson. Oriental Guide

P.P. William A. Wheeler, Treasurer

Garry Youngblood, Recorder

       Other Elected Offices / Positions

Imperial Council

   Danny Kelso, Potentate

   Bill Wheeler P.P. Treasurer

   Garry Youngblood, Recorder

   Lucian McCulloch P.P. Emeritus Member

Colorado Corp - Emeritus Members

   Lucian McCulloch P.P.

   Kenneth Davis P.P.

   Robert Utley P.P.

   William Wheeler P.P.

   Nelson Richardson P.P.

Southeastern Shrine Association

   Danny Kelso, Potentate

   Neal McAnnaley, Assistant Rabban

   Garry Youngblood, Recorder

   Nelson Richardson  P.P. (Past President)

Dixie Shrine Association

   Danny Kelso, Potentate

   Neal McAnnaley, Assistant Rabban

   Lloyd McCarley JR, High Priest and Prophet

   Garry Youngblood, Recorder

   Lucian McCulloch P.P. (Past President)

   Sam Buttler, (Past President)

 Finance Committee

   Stanley Champion

   Bill Bailey

   John Hill

   Gary Lunsford

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